service testimonials

Some Kind Words From Our Customers


I definitely underestimated just how important coordination really is. Everyone works on their tasks but no one “glues” it all together. I felt so lost. But the day we started working together, i was amazed. I learnt so much and would still be working on that same project if it wasn’t for you guys. “left for loose, right to tight” #insidejoke


Chris Johnson


“Outstanding Work”

Literally. I was out there standing and seeing things happen and couldn’t be happier that I trusted Michael and his team. It’s the confidence that they have, you just know they have experience. I still can believe how that beam was passed through that window.  He told me “I’ve beam doing it for years” hahaha

Thanks for everything.

Bryan Shultz


“Flawless Work”

Very clean and quick work. Except for that tile guy lol, But you warned me about him. What a #tornado! I’m honestly so happy you guys finished the project in a week I couldn’t believe it.

Joshua Clark


“Smart Suggestions”

You know when you spend a month designing a home and the project manager comes in and changes everything in 5 days and makes you look like a rock star? That’s what Michael did. #jawwasleftopen

Siobhan Adams


“Are you serious”

This team, will blow your mind. We saved at least a hundred thousand with their structural recommendations. They saved me at least 3x what they costed me.

Lisa Davis